SocialIce is a frozen wine pop.

It mingles cold, crisp ice with the beautiful flavors that even the most sophisticated palate can appreciate. SocialIce is all-natural and chemical-free. We’ve partnered with a Texas winery and local farms to ensure that our products are consistently fresh. Established since 2011, when we debuted at the Texas State Fair. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for our ice pops. From that point on, we’ve made it our mission to share SocialIce with like-minded people everywhere...those who enjoy having a good time with even better drinks.


Life is about the special moments.

Throughout all life brings, the things we remember most are the times we spend with friends and family, enjoying each other’s company. It’s about backyard barbecues, lazy days with friends at the beach, the 4-day music festival with college buddies you’ll never forget, and every other special moment you shared with those you love.

Some of the best conversations and most spontaneous moments happen over a great round of cocktails.

Now, we understand that there is no shortage of adult beverage options. But you want more. You need to break routine. That’s where SocialIce comes in. It’s a way to celebrate the joys of socializing with friends and family by making the choice to try something new, different, and refreshing.Introduce SocialIce at your next get together, and turn your best experiences into your favorite memories.

Enjoy our ice pops and chill with some SocialIce!